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SAP Time and Materials

SAP Time and Materials

  • T&M SAP client engagement and business development support assisted via SME level consultants leveraging off knowledge and contacts.
  • Collaboration work pack support offered on T&M solutions assisting in a clients short or long-term support needs.
  • Flexible T&M solutions that compliment when the customer wishes to augment their development team, by off-loading some parts of their application.
  • Full service delivery outlined and mapped at start for easy exit and full knowledge transfer so that customer maintains full control.
  • T&M Offshore Development Centre (ODC) / Offshore Dedicated Team (ODT) operation is a perfect solution for businesses wishing to augment their software development productivity without bearing too much additional expense like hiring extra staff or investing into other resources. Software development outsource based on ODC/ODT models works well for reducing expenses and getting guaranteed results.
  • Benefits of T&M ODC/ODT contract type:
  • the customer is the manager of developers and is able to manage their offshore team in the appropriate way, adjusting office hours to the convenient time zone and reporting practices.
  • the customer does not need to worry about routine matters and waste time  organising tasks like hiring qualified developers and project managers, renting an office and so on.
SAP Internal Competency

SAP Internal Competency


  • Targeted SAP Global coverage for core and high niche IS demand capability.
  • Strong global network proven in delivering SAP talent across EMEA, APAC, LATAM and North America.
  • Flexible hiring and payments solutions.
  • Identified SAP capability turnaround of personal details provided within 2 hrs. .
  • SAP requirement gathering solution process allowing for best practice support that allows first time correct hire acceptance.
  • SAP knowledge supported offered as up skill solution.
  • Strong market presence and personal SAP networks in Key economic European territories.
  • Invested capability drive on business and network growth in emerging markets.
  • Continues SAP capability build and support in new products (HANA / EWM / BPC etc.) and Industry solutions and third party products.
  • Process driven hiring solution created by SAP consultants and SAP delivery specialists
  • Fixed term employments solutions over specified months for example 6 months 12 months.
  • Hiring process managed and supported by dedicated SAP consultant in required hiring area.
  • Lucentsys internal interview processes run by delivery and dedicated SAP consultant.
  • Internal consultant mapping and quality metric check.
  • Verbal reference checks completed on all hires and provided on request.
Strategic Partner Support

Strategic Partner Support

  • Shared market intelligence and business introductions.
  • Business development opportunities shared for consultancy opportunities.
  • Near shore and offshore SAP ticket based support.
  • Assisted bid solutions.
  • IS SME supported assistance for workshops /demos.
  • Flexible project based costing paid over project milestones.
  • Onsite SME support.
  • JV project delivery capability
  • SME QA assisted work
SAP Knowledge Support

SAP Knowledge Support

  • Up skill assistance on new permanent hiring or fixed term solutions.
  • Knowledge support in global countries offering support to country specific knowledge gaps.
  • Dedicated SAP support offered by certified specialist in there Industry and business process area.
  • Web based portal offering SAP Knowledge ticketing solutions.
  • Projects based support  and onsite consultant support can also be provided on request.
SAP Recruitment Outsourced

SAP Recruitment Outsourced

  • SAP specific business process hiring solution created for your individual needs.
  • Reduced internal SAP hiring costs in areas such a knowledge lack, downtime and advertising campaigns etc.
  • Company specific marketing solutions and SAP candidate movement tracking from Mid consultants to Senior and head of competence profiles.
  • Over 15 years of support in the SAP market.
  • A front face connecting with for your new talent that shows strong understand of your business and SAP products.
  • Extensive connections across SAP products and industry solutions.
  • Optional onsite specialist.
  • Dedicated account executive and overviewing SAP consultant.
  • Fixed price cost solution with reduced completion costs.
  • Flexible cost solutions.
  • Integrated business development.